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  • What does BandMix do for me?

    BandMix brings musicians and bands together - providing an easy way to identify and meet talent with similar interests and style.

    With over a million members worldwide, the BandMix community offers a wide range of possibilities to connect with the right musicians at the local level. With hundreds of new members joining every day, you'll be sure to find the right person for your musical talents and be well on your way to making new friends and new music.

    BandMix was created by musicians; you can be assured that we are continually working to make sure this site does all it can to help you find the musicians you need.

  • How do I find other musicians or bands?

    There are multiple ways to find musicians and bands on BandMix.

    The search feature at the top of the homepage allows for easy selection by instrument and specific location via zip code or city. For more precise searches, click on "Advanced Search" to see a list of filters.

    Once on the search result page, refine search results by using filters that adjust radius around the selected location and sort by the musicians' last activity date.

    BandMix also offers a directory style format here, where musicians can browse pages by state and by city. First, select your state, then, in the right side panel, you can use the drop-down menu to narrow by category or choose a city. Click "View All" at the bottom of the Most Popular Cities to bring up a list of all the cities in that state.

    You can also receive lists of musicians and bands through our targeted Match Mailer emails. Simply sign up for a free account, answer all questions as thoroughly as possible, and receive targeted results in your mailbox.

  • How do I create my own profile?

    Click on the sign-up link in the menu on the right-hand side to begin the process of creating your own profile.

    The first choice you'll need to make is which type of account to create. The three types of accounts are MUSICIAN, BAND, and INDUSTRY. For individual musicians looking to join a band, select the musician option. If you are a band looking to fill a position, go with the band option. If you are an industry professional such as sound engineers, photographers, songwriters, etc., go with an industry listing.

    After deciding which type of account works best for you, you'll need to enter basic contact and location info. Keep in mind, we don't have or share your exact location for privacy reasons.

    In the next step, you'll have the option to edit your name and screen name. You will also want to define gender, birthdate, whether you are a studio musician or not, how many years you have been playing and the level of commitment you are willing to take on currently. All of these selections are used to help better match you with the right musicians in your area, so take time to answer them.

    Next, select instruments and your experience with each. Many musicians play more than one instrument so it's important to rank experience level 1-5 honestly so we can better match you with the right musicians. In this step, you may also select up to four genres.

    On the next step, you can define who and what you are seeking. Are there specific instruments you are looking for? Are you looking to join a band? Select those in this step.

    Tell members a little bit about yourself in the description section, listing influences and equipment. In this step you will also find questions on experience and when you are most available for practice and gigs.

    It's almost time to publish your profile, but before you do, add a profile picture! Profiles with a profile picture receive far more clicks and messages than those without.

    Your profile is now ready to be published! The system will send you a confirmation e-mail. Click on the activation link in this e-mail and follow the steps to complete your profile.

    The final step will ask which type of membership you prefer. Go with FREE or select from one of our Premier Membership options.

    Don't forget, all of these options can be changed or added to once in your account area. Add music, videos and any extra information that you perhaps did not have time for during the initial registration. Your BandMix profile serves as your resume online so make it great!

  • How do I contact other members?

    To initiate contact and send direct messages to other musicians, you will need to upgrade to a premier membership. If you are not currently a Premier Member, you can upgrade by going here.

    **Note: free members can reply to all messages sent to them.

    Premier Members can send direct messages and launch Digital Auditions right away. Here's how...

    To send a message to a member, login to BandMix and visit the musician's profile. Near the top below the audio player, there is a red Contact button. Once selected, a message box will appear where the subject and text can be entered. When finished writing your message, click send.

    Launching Digital Auditions is a time-saving way to reach qualified musicians instantly by inviting musicians to show interest in the opportunity. To launch an audition, login to BandMix and visit the "Digital Audition" section, selecting "Create New Audition." Define the audition by instrument, experience level, genre, location, gender, age range, and media requirements. Feel free to add a text description before previewing and then launching the audition.

    Please be aware that response times for members can vary greatly. Be patient and consider contacting multiple users to increase the number of responses. Send multiple messages to the same user if appropriate. Members receive instant email notifications for new messages and also periodic reminders if they go unread. We only allow users with verified email addresses to be shown in our search results.

  • How do I become a Premier Member?

    Become a premier member by logging into BandMix and clicking on 'Upgrade' in the red bar at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

    So how much does Premier Membership cost? Currently, the pricing for a premier membership is $16.95/1 month, $39.95/3 months, or $99.95/1 year. (AUD) The yearly membership is heavily discounted and should be selected for those using the service regularly.

  • Can other musicians contact me as a Free member?

    Yes, absolutely! Free members are frequently contacted by our Premier Members. You will receive an email stating that you have mail at BandMix anytime a member contacts you. You can read your email by logging into your account and visiting your Inbox. You may also respond to those messages without the need to upgrade your account.

  • How do I upload a photo?

    Profiles with at least one personal profile picture receive significantly more views than those without.

    Here's how to upload photos and to set the main profile image.

    First, for best results, please make sure photos are in jpeg format.

    Login to BandMix and select 'Photos' from navigation options near the top of the dashboard. Select the red button that says 'Drop File Here To Upload (Or Click).' Then choose a photo, and it will be uploaded.

    Once the photo has been uploaded, below the image, two options are shown, Set as Main and Delete. Select Set as Main to set a main profile image.

    Delete any images that need to be removed.

    The number of images allowed per membership type is as follows:

    Free member: 10 images
    Premier member: 50 images
    Elite member: 200 images

  • How do I upload audio?

    Uploading music is the most critical element to any successful match made on BandMix.

    To upload audio login to BandMix, select 'Music' from the list of options in the navigation near the top of the dashboard or click here.

    There is one method for uploading music, direct upload.

    To upload directly to BandMix, first, make sure audio tracks are in MP3 or M4A format with a max file size of 10mb. Next, login and select 'Music' from the list of options in the navigation near the top of the dashboard. From the next page, select 'Upload music' and choose the audio file from your device. Once the audio track is chosen, options to enter the title, track number, year, album, genre, or comments pertaining to that song. It is not mandatory to enter all the mentioned information. Once you enter the information, select 'Upload.'

  • How do I add a video?

    BandMix only accepts videos from YouTube, the best way to share videos online. An account and uploaded videos are required before sharing on BandMix. Learn more:

    To add a video, login to BandMix and select 'Videos' in the navigation near the top of the Bandmix dashboard or click here.

    From the Manage Your Videos page, enter the title of the video, the Youtube URL, and select it to display. To retrieve the videos URL, copy it directly from the YouTube videos page ( Be sure to remove the's' from 'https://' if one appears, as this is a security feature and will restrict the video from being able to upload. BandMix will not accept URLs that are formatted for a mobile device: '' instead of ''

    Once all requested information is selected, hit 'Submit' and the video will then show immediately on your profile.

  • How do I upload music from a CD?

    Download or purchase CD ripper software (there are many trials or free programs on the internet) convert tracks to mp3 or Wav files.

    To upload audio login to BandMix, select Music from the list of options in the navigation near the top of the dashboard.

  • What is the calendar feature?

    The calendar feature allows premier members to add events to their profile. The calendar is a great place to share gigs where you might be seen playing.

    To add events, login, select Calendar from the list of options in the navigation near the top of the dashboard.

  • How can I change my account info?

    To edit any area of your account, log in, and select Dashboard at the top of the page. Then, use the gray navigation menu to go to the area of the account you would like to edit: Profile, Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Now Seeking, Music List, Options. Make the desired changes and click the Update or Submit button at the bottom of the page. Manage basic account features, billing, privacy, Match Mailer, and login information all from the Options page.

  • How do I change my account type?

    To toggle between a Band and Musician profile, log in and select Options then Account Type under the Profile Options heading.

    To switch to an Industry Listing, please contact support using the support link at the bottom of this page.

  • Will I automatically be renewed after I upgrade to a Premier Member?

    All premier membership upgrades are set for automatic renewal to ensure uninterrupted service. This can be easily disabled anytime by logging into your premier account, clicking on Options and then Billing Information or clicking here.

  • How do I turn off Auto-Renewal?

    Log into your account, click on Options and then Billing Information under the Billing Options section or click here.

    Set auto-renewal to "No" then click Modify Settings. This will cancel your premier membership and your account will be returned to 'Free' when your memership time expires.

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  • Can I hide my age?

    There is not an option to hide the age displayed on a musician profile. Age is a search filter on BandMix used by members that are involved in specific-age groups or simply decide to filter search results to best match the age of their existing members.

    Although this is an option on band profiles, as the members of a band vary in age, bands can hide the age on their profile by going to Options then Privacy Settings.

  • How do I reset my password?

    If you are already logged in, update the password on any account by going to Options then Update Password under the Account Options heading.

    Trouble logging into your account? Click the Forgot Password link, type in your email address to receive an email with instructions on setting a new password for your account.

    Make sure to clear cache and update any settings where saved passwords exist.

    If you still can't login, feel free to ask us to assist you by sending us a message or calling our toll free number here.

  • How do I remove my profile?

    For musicians not currently seeking, there are two ways to remove profiles from BandMix.

    Hiding a profile removes it from BandMix, but stores information for later use. It will not appear in search results, and other members will be unable to make contact until the profile is re-activated. This option is best for musicians that have found a band but may need the service again in the future.

    To hide a profile, log in and select Options, then Privacy Settings. Once on the next page, check Hide next to the option that says, Show Entire Profile. Hide or unhide your profile whenever you would like.

    BandMix gives musicians complete control over personal information, so wholly deleting the profile and all information associated with it is done easily.

    To remove an account completely, log in, select Options, then Decline Service. Please be aware that once you terminate the account, your account and all of your data will be permanently deleted, and no future access or restoration is possible.

    Keywords: delete account, delete info, delete profile, delete personal information, terminate account, hide profile, hide account.

  • What is the Digital Audition feature?

    Digital Auditions are an easy way for musicians and bands to interview interested musicians in their area quickly. This feature saves time by allowing members to reach up to 100 matching musicians at once.

    To launch a Digital Audition, login, and scroll down to the Digital Auditions feature. Select Create New Audition. It is here where instrument, experience level, genre, specific location, gender, age-range can all be specified. Options also can be selected, requiring interested musicians to have a profile picture, audio files, and videos for review before being allowed to respond.

    Both free and Premier members may also respond to Digital Audition invitations. Email notices are sent once a Premier Member sends invitations for the audition. View the Digital Auditions area by logging in and scrolling down the dashboard.

  • What is BandMix Elite?

    BandMix Elite is an add-on to Premier membership, offering added functionality with features like:

    Message Tracking: Curious which members are reading messages and when? Elite membership will show when messages are read.

    Private Browsing: Browse profiles in private mode, with no information shared.

    More Digital Auditions: Launch more Digital Auditions, the quickest way to reach qualified musicians.

    Extra Storage Space: Keep all of your audio and images in one place with additional storage space.

    Professional Musician Website: Get a WWW. domain name and professional website builder with Bandvista!

    Pricing is in addition to Premier rates and currently is: $5.95/1 month, $11.00/3 months, $49.00/year. (AUD)

  • How do I manually sort my songs?

    It's easy to sort your songs so they appear the way you want on your BandMix profile. Here's how.

    From your BandMix dashboard page, click Music on the top navigation bar. On the Manage Your Music page, click Sort.

    Make sure that the "Manually" checkbox is ticked, then choose the order you want for each song by ticking the checkbox next to each song file.

    After sorting your song files, click Sort Files to save your changes.

  • I didn't receive my activation e-mail, what should I do?

    Please contact support and they will manually activate your account.

  • How can I maximize my responses from the messages I send?

    We encourage you to include multiple ways of contacting you in your message (i.e. e-mail address, phone#, etc). We do not allow this information in profiles, but do not filter this in sent messages. Be sure to only include information you feel comfortable giving a near stranger. Also, be sure to make your profile as good as you can, this is essentially your resume for other musicians.

  • How do I hide users from my search results?

    Click on the hide (eye) icon under the profile, and it will be removed from all future results. You can always un-hide a profile by going to your account options and click on Hidden Profiles to adjust.

  • How to unsubscribe or modify email notifications?

    Login to your BandMix dashboard, select Options and Email Options under the Account & Email heading. In this section, decide which mailers to modify. This area also allows you to fine-tune your weekly match mailer only to show the results you choose.

    Keep in mind that user to user notifications are a required part of the system. To stop receiving these types of messages, consider hiding or deleting your profile, which can be done under Options, then Decline Service. A full tutorial of this step is available in our FAQ.

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