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Hi, I’ve been casually jamming in bands since the late 90s but find more enjoyment in producing and remixing so by all means, contact me if you have multitrack recordings and would like some fresh ears reinterpreting/experimenting with your sound and a remix or two.
Also, I’m happy to temp as guitarist/bassist/synthist for a recently vacated role to temporarily keep the band’s momentum going (I've been helped this way enough times over the years so need to keep paying forward) but in all honesty, I’m a hobbyist that enjoys learning new genres on different instruments to improve my producing rather than dedicating months to forming new bands from scratch. Guitar-wise, I lack the dedication to one instrument to be a good lead guitarist but always happy to play melodic guitar, bass, or synth parts. Well hopefully that sums up my hobbyist music ambitions but feel free to email me at: “contact.anthony.kimpton at dot com” for further clarification or to discuss collaboration.

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Ant music
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Jul 28 2013
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Just for Fun
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Under 10
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Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, The Cure, New Order/Joy Division, Warpaint, Best Coast, The Pixies, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Clash, The Police, The Presets, Placebo, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, TV on the Radio


My setup:
• Roland JC40 stereo combo for that lush, chimey-sound and a huge attack that cuts through any line up (I purchased a Boss CS-3 to tame the attack and to leave the song’s pulse to bassists)
• a Epiphone Wilshire Pro electric that is very versatile and has switchable pickups
• no-name dreadnought acoustic that I’ve kept since childhood for its massive sound
• a lap steel that to date I’ve treated as practice tool/rut-buster to play around with alternate tunings but could occasionally fit a song.
• various pedals for quickly dialling-in sounds during rehearsal
• TC electronic Ditto X4 looper pedal that is my perfect looper pedal after many trials but will mainly be suitable for small line-ups trying to fill out the sound
• a Boss SY-300 multi-effects that is where I store pedal sounds and can also use for latency-free synths and flexible routing due to it having multiple outs.
• an Ibanez Promethean P5110 amp and after lugging multiple heads and cabs over the years, I am still amazed that this 250watt and a single 10” speaker is every bit as loud so I refuse to lift any other bass cab
• a fretless J-bass knock-off that has both p-bass and j-bass pickups,
• Roland MC-707 that can also fill any band role and front of house mixing
• Roland VT-4 to thicken up my voice and for vocal harmonies
• Various other synthesisers and effects that I mainly treat as rentals since it is so easy to buy and sell without a loss these days and so it is a great way to experiment and learn.