Hi there folks. I have a background in arts projects, audio-visual events, licensing. In late 2017, completed the next stage of the HR audio workshop, (i.e. a project studio). In 2018-19, this will make audio for the Hail Regina Media Project, which is an audio-visual novel series. The first batch of demo-audio scripts and recordings are being finalized for the client. The last photo to the left, is from an early pilot session we did at ArtSound 97.2FM studio, with the fabulous voice-over artists - James Scott, PJ Williams & Clare Moss.

Thanks to the good folks at Better Music for your on-going technical advice & support.

This dystopian multi-media project, requires experimentation and an on-line talent pool for vocals (M&F), voice-over, foley FX. Current production - an EP, e-radio dramatization play (9.55mins) and (29.56mins).

Work has commenced on x 2 project-related dystopian EP's for 2019 release. I've uploaded a few demo-audio excerpts.

A shout-out to vocalists:
Male vocals - Looking for 5 specific voice types that "sound like"- David Surkamp (Pavlov's Dog), Lou Gramm, Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis era), Michael McDonald. Female vocals - looking for 5 specific voice types: that "sound like" i) gospel - Rickie Byars Beckwith ( ref track: Oyaheya), ii) Tina Malia iii) Dua Lipa, iv) Dionne Warwick and v) Anastacia . If you sound like any of the above, please drop me an email via this site - a bit of audio of your sound - would be useful (fidelity not important) and I'll get back to you. Thanks - all the best.

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Payment - per on-line session; or if you are invited and wish to join one of the projects, you can register as a participating artist and then be included, and share - in income from Aggregator. Payment quarterly.