Hi folks. HR Arts Factory is an AV workshop. It was set up to produce the audio-visual content & administer the IP for an arts project 'Hail Regina'. The small team of local artists and myself (as producer) - are looking to work with like-minded artists as we move the project forward in 2018-19.

The Project
The atmospherics and content of the project is set in a futurist dystopia in 2025-30 - in London (called 'the Capital’'). The "Hail Regina" novel satirizes state & church institutions.

The project has a broad scope - and requires experimentation and an (on-line) talent pool for vocals (M&F), voice-over, foley FX. Current production - an EP, e-radio dramatization play (9.55mins) and (29.56mins).

Concept EP - 1
On release from 18 July 2018
The first 5 tracks below - are theme instrumentals that convey some of the audio from the project.

The Prelude was recorded at ArtSound 97.2FM studio, with Tony Hunter (engineering) and the fabulous voice-over artists - James Scott, PJ Williams & Clare Moss. Backing audio and some FX is by HR Arts Factory.

A shout-out to vocalists:
Male vocals - HRAF is looking for 5 specific voice types (for different chapters and scenes) that "sound like"- David Surkamp (Pavlov's Dog), Lou Gramm, Steve Winwood, Michael McDonald. Female vocals - looking for 5 specific voice types: that "sound like" i) gospel - Rickie Byars Beckwith ( ref track: Oyaheya), ii) Tina Malia iii) Dua Lipa, iv) Dionne Warwick and v) Anastacia . If you sound like any of the above, please drop me an email via this site - a bit of audio of your sound - would be useful (fidelity not important) and we'll get back to you.

Artist interest is welcomed. Thanks - all the best.

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Payment - per on-line session; or if you are invited and wish to join one of the projects, you can register as a participating artist and then be included, and share - in income from Aggregator. Payment quarterly.