HR Arts Factory (HRAF) is an arts-based, AV workshop-studio. It was set up to produce experimental AV content for a futuristic theatrical stage production - 'Hail Regina'. It is set in a Westminster inspired dystopia of 2025-30 and is a comedy-satire of political and religious 'romp'. HRAF is looking to work with like-minded audio & video artists - as e-book Seasons 1-3 are rolled out in 2020-21.
Ref - www.hailregina.com

Episode cover tracks for the 'Hail Regina' series completing Sep-Dec 20 incude 'Healing Hands' (feat. Jumari) 'Storm Comin'' and 'Hold Your Head Up'.

Hail Regina Concept EP - 1
Downloads - available via - Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Boomplay etc.
- An EP of 5 instrumentals conveying the atmospherics (i.e the soundscape) of audio being conceived for this project.

Tracks recorded with the fabulous voice-over artists - James Scott, PJ Williams & Clare Moss is released via iTunes, Amazon Music etc.

Hail Regina - Prelude Drama released in July 2019:

Episode One - Tracks 1 & 2:

Tracks Tracks 3 & 4 are due in Dec 20.

Original tracks - 'Synesthesia' and 'John Glenn' are due - Dec 2020.
And planning for a 50 min audio -theatre e-radio play of Season One is being progressed.

The media for the HR project is broad in scope. It requires interested parties for arts-based experimentation and an (on-line) talent pool for vocals (M&F), voice-over, foley FX. HRAF also has excellent & affordable external mix engineering and mastering expertise available, for projects that need mentoring or commercial development.

M & F vocals required - looking for specific voice types - currently am looking for a voice that is similar to 'Celeste Prince' for example. If you are an experienced vocalist, please drop us an email via this site - a bit of audio of your sound - would be useful (fidelity not important) and we'll get back to you. Interest is welcome.

'Hail Regina' (A satire of political & religious romp)
is set in a fictional, futurist dystopia in 2025-30.

SEASON TWO - Starts Dec 2020 - Apr 2021
1: The State Redistribution Bureau
2: Whitehall’s Grooming Salon
3: Opening of the 203rd Vivatrium
4: A Dose of Unconditional Love
5: The Electric Judges
6: The Arcana Cabaret Club
7: Deficits & Disclosures
8: Inauguration of the Tower Cranes
9: Novella 2 (Ep 1-8) - 245pgs.

SEASON THREE - Starts Aug 2021

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HR Arts Factory hires artists on a normal per session rate. Alternatively, some prefer to have long-term engagement with the studio, and can formally register as participating artists, for inclusion and sharing - in Aggregator disbursements. Royalty payments are quarterly.

HR Arts Factory Studio records demos, covers and (experimental) original songs / & or theme scores.