HR Arts Factory (HRAF) is an arts-based, AV workshop-studio. It was set up to produce experimental AV content for the arts project 'Hail Regina' by Kevin Karmalade. HRAF is looking to work with local like-minded audio & video artists- as Seasons 1-3 are rolled out in 2020-21. www.hailregina.com

'Mujer Cajun de Ojos Negros' (feat. Jumari) was released 5/7/19:

Hail Regina - Prelude Dramatization was re-released on 5/7/19:

Episode One - Tracks 1 & 2:

'Hail Regina' (A satire of political & religious romp)
Season One of the Hail Regina novella - commences its serialized release from 17 April 2019. The story is set in a fictional, futurist dystopia in 2025-30. The setting is opaquely located in and around a 2025+ (London) 'Royal Docklands" waterfront. The "Hail Regina" novella's satirize state & church producing a (light & dark) comic tone throughout the work.

SEASON ONE - Release dates:
1: Smog Sirens in the Capital - 17 April 19
2: Order Out of Chaos - 24 April 19
3: The Parable of One-Arm George -1 May 19
4: The Gala Ball Proposal - 8 May 19
5: The Garden Games - 15 May 19
6: Dolly & the Oxide Capers - 29 May 19
7: Le Alternatif' Nativity de Carnivale' - 28 June 20
8: Peepholes of the Crucifix Warriors - 2 July 20
9. Novella - Season 1 - 18 July 20

Hail Regina Concept EP - 1
Download - available via - Google Play, iTunes, Spotify etc.
The EP contains 5 instrumentals that convey the atmospherics (i.e the soundscape) of audio being conceived for this project.


"Prelude"&" Smog Sirens in the Capital" Tr 1 & Tr 2
Recorded with the fabulous voice-over artists - James Scott, PJ Williams & Clare Moss is released via iTunes, Amazon Music etc.

Originals & Covers
Produced by HR Arts Factory AV Studio. The English version of Dark Eyed Cajun Woman (1972) was released 2019 - via Google Play, iTunes, Spotifly etc.
Mujer Cajun de Ojos Negros, the Spanish version was released on 8/7/19.
The original, 'John Glenn' will be released in May 2020.


Preview excerpt from Hail Regina – Episode One

"After the crash…"
"It is 2027. The tribulation leading to the almighty rapture of the great economic crash is over. Its devastation pervades throughout the congregation of states. No inferior or superior citizen has been spared from its aftermath. There was life before the crash - and an altered life thereafter.

The institutional towers of the securities exchanges have been dismantled in every jurisdiction, never to be opened again. Most, but not all of the financial institutions were saved from collapse. They have survived to transform as a more contrite, shrunken system. A remnant of what they once were. Those that perverted the financial trading system; those that deceived the citizens and the states; those who caused the crash were hunted down.

The State-leader, Royston Bustwick, Commodore Peterson and the twelve oligarchs of the Secular Party, oversaw their punishment. It included flagellation in the underground chastisement chambers of St. Dandy’s Cathedral".

Season One Links: www.hailregina.com

The media for the HR project is broad in scope - and requires experimentation and an (on-line) talent pool for vocals (M&F), voice-over, foley FX. Current production - an EP, e-radio dramatization play (9.55mins) and (29.56mins). HRAF also has excellent & affordable external mix engineering and mastering expertise available, for projects that need mentoring or development for commercial release.

M & F vocals required - looking for specific voice types - currently am looking for a voice that is similar to 'Celeste Prince' for example. If you are an experienced vocalist, please drop us an email via this site - a bit of audio of your sound - would be useful (fidelity not important) and we'll get back to you. Interest is welcome.

SEASON TWO - Opens Oct 2020

SEASON THREE - Opens Jan 2021

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HR Arts Factory hires artists on a normal per session rate. Alternatively, some prefer to have long-term engagement with the studio, and can formally register as participating artists, for inclusion and sharing - in Aggregator disbursements. Royalty payments are quarterly.

HR Arts Factory Studio records demos, covers and (experimental) original songs / & or theme scores.